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Articles & Protocols

IBD Chord, produced by Energetix, contains homeopathically prepared Mycobacterium avium subspecies ParaTuberculosis (MAP) and Brucella Canis amongst other factors for the treatment of IBD. Research has shown that almost everyone with Crohn’s disease is infected with MAP. MAP has been found in milk supplies and survives pasteurisation. IBD Chord was developed by Dr. Paula Rochelle in conjunction with the team at Energetix. Dr. Rochelle has used IBD Chord plus other products in the treatment of Crohn’s for a number of years now and is having good results. Dr. Rochelle is in touch with people around the world and can be contacted at the Centre for Health and Wellness in Oklahoma, USA.
Prof. John Hermon-Taylor and his team at St. George’s Hospital, London are making great progress with the new Anti-MAP Vaccine but this may still be a number of years away.
Nature’s Living Superfood
Nature’s Living Superfood is designed by Mother Nature and nutritional therapy researcher and Naturopath Jameth Sheridan. It is the current evolution of a 13 year quest for excellence. It contains an extremely potent & comprehensive array of nature’s most nutritive and cleansing superfoods, grown and processed to maximise their benefits.

Manufactured’ by Mother Nature herself; not a chemist.

Ingredients (100% Wildcrafted): 100% Superfoods - No fillers.

If you prefer your spirulina, chlorella, probiotics and digestive enzymes, amongst others, in a single jar - this is the one.

Himalayan Crystal Salt
The media is constantly reminding us of the risks of salt but all salts are not equal. Read Peter Ferreira’s fascinating article on Himalayan Crystal Salt (obtainable from UHA).
Nature's Living Superfood Natures Living Superfood 1