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Health Matters



Issue 3

(Dec 13)

Fat Lies about Fat, Cholesterol & Heart Disease

Issue 2

(Nov 13)

Colds and Flu Season: Be Prepared

Issue 1

(Sep 13)

Fat Lies About Fat, Cholesterol & Heart Disease - Nov 13.pdf Overindulgence  - Dec 13.pdf
Health Matters’ is a monthly newsletter written  by Dr. Michael Culp, MA, NMD, Director of The Natural Health and Wellness Centre in London, an innovative multi-disciplinary medical clinic specialising in the treatment of chronic diseases and the promotion of optimal wellness.

In ‘Health Matters’, Dr Culp shares some of the knowledge and wisdom he has gleaned over the last 20 years in ‘practice’.

‘Health Matters’ is presented here by kind permission of The Natural Health and Wellness Centre (www.nhwc.co.uk). Subsequent issues will appear on an ongoing basis.

Let the Sun Shine In

Issue 4

(Jan 14)

Let the Sun Shine In - Jan14.pdf