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Physiological Medicine - Influenza Prophylaxis
A number of companies produce P.R.M. influenza prophylaxis:

Products from HEEL GmbH include Polyinfluenzinum (Flu Nosode), Euphorbium (Antiviral), Engystol (Antiviral) and Gripp-Heel (Flu prophylaxis).

Remedies manufactured by OTI (Omeo Tossicologici Italia) include Iver (Flu Nosode) and Anas Coccinum (Antiviral).
Article on Oscillococcinum (lysate of  Barbary Duck [Anas Barbariae]).

Please take some time out to view some of Dr Bruce Shelton’s MD MD(H) DiHom FBIH educational videos, including alternatives to the flu vaccine,  at his Integrative Medicine and Alternative Health Community blog.

Swine Flu Vaccine:
Please read this article from NutriVital - Everything You MUST Know About the Swine Flu Vaccine.