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Quantronic Resonance System
I first came across the QRS® while listening to a BioMeridian conference tape of Dr. F. Fuller Royal talking about his 20 years of experience in Meridian Stress Assessment. Dr. Royal explained how he laid, totally exhausted, on a QRS® mat after a 20 hr flight from the USA to Australia. After only 8 minutes on the mat, he felt as though he’d slept for 12 hours. He was totally rejuvenated and I became very interested!

QRS® has been endorsed by no other than double Nobel prize winner Prof. Dr. Linus Pauling who said:
“QRS is a benefit for mankind - from babies to old people”

“QRS will lead to a paradigm change in medicine"
Points to note:
1) 4000 years ago the Earth’s magnetic field had a strength of  5 Gauss. Today it is approximately 0.4 Gauss, a reduction of 10x.

2) Other than the Earth, our only source for magnetic energy is our brains.

It would appear wise to supplement our exposure to an Earth-type magnetic field to help regenerate and normalise the body.

Early Russian cosmonauts discovered the necessity of the geomagnetic field when they were found to have up to 80% mineral loss in their bones, due to their extended space flights. Today, artificially generated magnetic fields are used in the space capsules to prevent these losses and for general health maintenance.

For those who like the technical stuff:
Quantum Therapy

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QRS® recommend supplementation with magnesium and a lot of water. For optimum nutrition see Personalized Nutrition Consultants.