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TerraQuant MQ2000 Low Level Laser

TerraQuant MQ2000 Brochure.pdf

TerraQuant MQ2000 Brochure

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We have a used TerraQuant MQ2000 Laser which has had low usage in a home environment and is for sale in good+ condition.

The Used Sale Package includes:

1. TerraQuant Console

2. TQ-1 Emitter

3. 1-Pair of Laser Goggles

4. Soft Sided Case

5. Operating Manual & User’s Guide

6. Inclusion of TerraQuant Optional Extra: Set of 4 Light Acupuncture-Muscle Trigger Probes.

The TQ-1 is the standard emitter and comes with every TerraQuant console. It covers a 4 cm2 treatment area quickly and efficiently. The TQ-1 is threaded for the attachment of probes to assist in various treatments thus making it one of the most versatile emitters in TerraQuant product line.

Trigger Probes include 1-off of each of the following:



Trigger Point


For additional details on TerraQuant see the TerraQuant.Org website or Medical Quant.

No warranty is offered on this item and is to be sold upon inspection.