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S. K. A.
(Sequential Kinetic Activation)
Why S.K.A. ?

Studies have shown that biological and physiological effects are observed when low dose (physiological dose) communicating molecules (hormones, interleukins, neuropeptides and growth factors) are prepared using S.K.A.  However, these effects have not been observed when the same doses of communicating molecules have not undergone S.K.A.

What is S.K.A. ?

S.K.A. is the process whereby P.R.M. therapeutics are sequentially diluted and kinetically energised by a mechanically applied force.

What is the Physiological Dose ?

P.R.M. therapeutic messenger molecules are supplied in concentrations equal to those physiological concentrations found in the human body.

P.R.M.  therapeutics, diluted and activated using S.K.A., are supplied in concentrations of E-09 to E-12 grams / ml i.e. nanogram to picogram / ml.

Why use a Physiological Dose ?

Pharmacological concentrations (milligrams to micrograms / ml) produce pharmacological effects however they also produce toxic side effects.

Physiological concentrations with S.K.A. produce biological and physiological effects, without toxic side effects.