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Sound Therapy

Areas of Application:

Back Problems:

the vertebrae are like sounding chambers with their own keynote.

Strains, Sprains & Bruises

Fractured / Broken Bones

Joint Problems:

ankles,  knees, hips, elbows, shoulders

Wounds / Burns / Sores

help in healing

Radiation / Chemotherapy / MRIs


shock, accidents, whiplash,  concussion, illness, bereavement

Organ Support

including eyes and ears

Chakra Balancing

Wikipedia ref.

Clearing the Energy Field

Enabling Change:

from the subtle to the material

Emotional Balancing

What is involved in a sound therapy treatment using tuning forks?

To help in answering this question I have attached a short video of Peter Goldman D.O., N.D., an internationally recognised trainer in the field of  bio-energetic medicine using light, colour and sound (and a mentor of mine), clearing distortions in the energy field around a shoulder joint.

‘Health is harmony, dis-ease is discord’

Aristotle, the Greek philosopher, spoke these words many moons ago. At U.H.A. the natural, harmonic sound of tuning forks are used to remove discord in the human energy field.