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The Way of ENERGY
(Stand Still - Be Fit)

‘…..about 15yrs ago I came across a video called 'Stand Still - Be Fit' by Master LAM Kam Chuen which introduced me to an exercise system, the likes of which I had never seen before.

In subsequent years, whilst working in the London area, I practiced this system of exercises at Master Lam's classes, initially at The Lam Clinic on Shaftesbury Avenue and later at Hercules Road.

I still practice this system today as the basis of Tai Chi Chuan. The ‘Stand Still - Be Fit’ video is available on YouTube, as a 10 day exercise programme.’

Master LAM Kam Chuen is the author of ‘The Way of Energy’, ‘The Way of Healing’ and ‘The Way of Power’, amongst other books and videos. For additional information please visit The Lam Association and Master LAM, Kam Chuen’s  website.

Day 1

‘Standing alone and unchanging

One can observe every mystery,

Present at every moment and ceaselessly continuing -

This is the gateway to indescribable marvels’.(1)

Days 2 to 4

(1) The Way of Energy, Master LAM Kam Chuen, Pg. 21, Gaia Books Ltd, ISBN: 1-85675-020-5, 1991.
Stand Still - Be Fit Days 2 to 4