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The Way of ENERGY (cont’d)

Day 8

‘With your heroic spirit you can shake both heaven and earth

With a broad mind you have all the Universe in your mind’.(1)

Day 10

‘To know the riches of the martial arts begin by standing still’.(1)

Day 9

Inwardly alert, open, calm

Outwardly upright, extended, filled with spirit,

This is the foundation of stillness.

Add the hard and the soft, the powerful and the relaxed,

Motion and stillness, contraction and extension:

In the instant these converge, there is power’.(1)

(1) For Days 8,9, 10 & ‘Every Day’ quotations see The Way of Power, Master LAM Kam Chuen, Pg.’s 153, 18, 35 & 148 respectively, Gaia Books Ltd, ISBN: 1-85675-198-8, 2003

Day 1

Every Day

‘Keep on practicing like this with perseverance.

The skill will come to you of itself’.(1)

Stand Still - Be Fit - Day 1