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The Acid / Alkaline Balance

If you have any of the following conditions you may be interested in the revolutionary book ‘Why Stomach Acid is Good for You’, by  Jonathan V. Wright, M.D., and Lane Lenard, Ph.D:

Diseases that may be related to deficient stomach acid

Acne rosacea

Multiple sclerosis

Addison’s disease

Myasthenia gravis

Allergic reactions


Celiac disease

Pernicious anemia

Childhood asthma

Polymyalgia rheumatica

Chronic autoimmune hepatitis

Raynaud’s syndrome

Diabetes (type 1 -Juvenile)

Rheumatoid arthritis

Eczema (severe)


Gallbladder disease

Sjogren’s syndrome

Graves’ disease (hyperthyroid)

Ulcerative colitis

Lupus erythematosus


Macular degeneration

Heidelberg pH Capsule

If you know of someone who does the Heidelberg pH gastric challenge test in the U.K., please could you pass on their contact details to me. I’m informed by the good people at www.phcapsule.com  that nobody is doing this test in the U.K. - which I find a little bit difficult to understand (probably just me!) but if you know of a good reason, I’d appreciate the information (info@uha.org.uk).